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"In his Chicago debut, Tate conquers the character of Franco with a grace rare in young actors.... extraordinarily unique thanks to Tate’s breakthrough performance." – Chicago Theatre Beat

"Preston Tate Jr., as Franco, has fun tweaking the polar opposite Arthur, his genial enthusiasm lighting up the stage and prompting the hope that is necessary to motivate the shop owner." -Hollywood Chicago

“Tate’s near-perfect comedic timing brings Franco’s wit to life.” – Stage and Cinema

“….scene steeling co-star Preston Tate Jr., whose impeccable comedic timing eased us along comfortably.” – Chicago Stage Standard


"...The dialogue is intense, with one of the finest scenes a complexly reasoned face-off between a fiery black teen (Preston Tate Jr.) hellbent on opening a fire hydrant for relief, and a cop, who clearly has been trained in community policing, trying to prevent the water level in local buildings from falling further."- Chicago Sun Times

"Particularly powerful scenes include: an exchange between a city cop and a frustrated Cabrini-Green resident (the always brilliant Preston Tate Jr.)"- Chicago Theatre Beat

"....incredibly sassy and dignified performance by Preston Tate Jr. as “Vanish”....- Around The Town Chicago

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